The secrets of having more money

We all want more money. In order to have more money we usually have to consider 2 things.
1. Go out and earn more money.
2. Cut costs.
These 2 steps are all well and good, but in order for these two strategies to work, we need to learn the value of money first. Otherwise, nothing changes, other than you end up working more and seeing your family or having less time to do the things you enjoy in life. Or you cut costs, but now you are going without those little treats that make life truly enjoyable.
In my previous blogs, I had mentioned the concept of the value of money and how it can help you make smarter money decisions.
Along with learning about the value of money, a great way to ensure that your money goes further is to go through the process of comparison price shopping. There are always deals out there to be had, and if you are patient enough you will always find a deal on the item that you wanted. For each dollar saved, means one dollar less that needs to be earned and replaced and can be used elsewhere. Don't always accept the first price you see.
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