5 ways to make sure you meet your goals.

It is often easy to make plans, but how often are they actually kept?
Here are 4 ways to set your goals and keep them.
1. Keep the goal SPECIFIC. I want to get fit. By saying you want to get fit is not specific enough.
2. Ensure that your goal is MEASURABLE. By the end of January, I want to walk 3 miles without stopping.
3. Make sure that your goal is ACHIEVABLE. If you set your goal of walking 100 miles without stopping - would you want to even attempt this and what are the chances of giving up? Choose a goal that you are likely to achieve and therefore feel motivated to achieve. You can always increase your goal later.
4. Is your goal even REALISTIC? Set your goal so that you can achieve it within the allotted time. I want to run faster than Usain Bolt is simply not going to happen. But completing a 100m dash in under 12 seconds is more likely.
5. Make your goal TIME SPECIFIC. This will give you a target to reach and more likely motivate you.
Goals are a series of mini victories. Mini victories will keep you moving forward and therefore less likely to give up.
Have a wonderful year ahead.
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